Genome Valley’s Luxurious Resort
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    Genome Valley’s Luxurious Resort
Amantara resort

A New Vision of Luxury

The 5 Star Amantara Luxury Resort prioritises relaxation and rejuvenation, where serenity and luxury meet and mingle. Chorus of songbirds, the dance of the leaves to the tunes of the winds, the peaceful calm of the woods, a night sky ablaze with countless stars, indulgent pampering from expert professionals, healing exotic and natural spa treatments, a tantalising choice of culinary delights, and the finest experience to swear by and embrace is what you can expect here.

Sprawling over 30 acres of designer landscape, Amantara 5 Star Luxury Resort & Spa is just a 10 minute drive from the Outer Ring Road (ORR), and it offers truly world-class recreational and retreat facilities. It will be the only 5 Star resort in Hyderabad after its completion.

Resort Highlights

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